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For information, exposities, live actions, assignments etc contact:
Freeda © MANAGEMENT artpainter Henk Veen
Tel +31 628135247
Mail: kunstschilderhenkveen@chello.nl

Who is artpainter Henk Veen

Henk Veen, a real Amsterdammer, gets his inspiration from the life that he lived on the streets of Amsterdam . Through this experience, his paintings are quite recognizable and confronting. He tries to set the comical, sensitive and often hard reality into colour on canvas.  

The materials he uses are spray-gun and paints with brushes and stencils, with which he expresses his emotions directly in his art work. He paints lively, colorful works and chooses for marked characters,with pronounced slogans. The majority of his paintings show what drives him: Music, reality, relationships, relaxations and love!

Henk Veen is a recognized name in the Netherlands from numerous galleries and expositions in well known locations. Henk's paintings can also be seen in programs such as Idols, Cash & Carlo, Trendies, Wannahaves, Dolce Vita , MTV/TMF awards, Big Brother, Absolutely, 7Tease, Golden Cage on Talpa TV and Life & Cooking.

The artist also appears regularly in the pages of national newspapers and magazines such as Parool, Linda's Magazine, Lifestyle and other newspapers and national printed media, and is also known from the duo paintings with Leopold.

Artpainter Henk Veen helps FunX Radio  

After hearing the mess in mediacountry about the frequentions and radiostation FunX, came the Famous Artpainter Henk Veen in action because he’s favorit radiostation to support them in there campain XsupportFunX. The artpainter is with he’s aerosol , paint, brushes, and drawing pen.

Ready to work and got insperated with the musik that FunX runs, the artists, the listeners and he’s friends that are often in the broadcast. The endresult, a beautifull painting is next thursday in the morningshow FunX Start handed to the radio.Veen got a couple of ideas to put extra power to the action with he’s paintings.There will be a T-shirt made ”, so Veen.It’s a drama if FunX disappears. The radiostation got special modern size that’s diffrent from other radiostations. Big musikartists like raggae artist Ziggi, the rappers from THC, The Opposites and Sabrina Starke started at FunX.

Thanks to the special musikstyles and chances that FunX creates and makes it special, the station need to get the room to mabye get commercial.Radio FunX isn’t thought about my daily routine with my work as artpainterway, because i get my inspiration out of the musik. FunX can’t be removed , so Henk Veen.

Broadcasts FunX threatened
The future of FunX as radiostation is threatened by policychances and cuts from the government. If FunX doesn’t get a public defrayment the actual frequentions in the four big city’s will go away. Going commercial is for FunX no oppurtunity because there is no way to the commercial marked because of the government’s rules.

The station started because of that XsupportFunX , where the listeners are getting called for the mobil FunX Radio Application to instal them to there smartphone as support. FunX claimes around 500.000 fixes listeners and asks that listeners to make themselves visable to let them count.

 About FunX
FunX is a Netherlands public radiostation that’s is focussing themselves on younger people (15-34 year) in the big city’s , with a accent on the city’s Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag, and Utrecht.The radiostation turns on bigger diffrenses on musikstyles,including sr&b, hiphop, dance, latin, reggae, bollywood, arab and other cross-over styles from europe and other parts of the world. FunX is reachable in the ether, FunX is available on the frequention on the cabel and on internet and overal and at any time on the mobile phone. Musik is a strong connecting factor, FunX is offering he’s listeners proffesional made program’s, a discernment multicultural radiostation that is talking to younger people with what they can indentivicate themselve.

Besides that plays the organistation definite a nurseryfunction for young mediatalent.


Exposition and live action painting Rabobank Dam Amsterdam

On Saturday 10 September 2011 , from 13.00 hour the Amsterdamse Artpainer Henk Veen will paint live in and around the Rabobank Amsterdam on the Dam. With this he will bring art on a top location closer to a bigger public. Henk will paint a picture of 100x120 cm with the theme’s were the Rabobank into is involved.

Henk Veen : My inspiration for the painting include sports like cycle racing and hockey. The Rabobank is already a sponsor for the Rabo Cycle racing team and the Netherlands Hockey team for years. Without the Rabobank those sports would never this big. I share the passion for hockey and cycle racing. That’s why I love to paint those sports live and exclusif for Rabobank Amsterdam.

From Septermber Henk Veen is also showing 73 pieces of paintings and other items in the e stablishment
Of the Rabobank on the Dam in Amsterdam . With this the talented and owntimes painter , that’s from 8 December also part of the display in the famous Carrousel du Louver in Paris , a new stage.The special quest that will do the official opening is directer OM Henk Boland ( Public minesterie). Everyone is welcome and free to visit the exposision at the Rabobank at the Dam. The offical openening will be at 15 September 2011 from 19:00 – 21:00 .

For this exposision people have to register for the questlist. Do you want to be a part of the exposision, mail so fast as you can to kunstschilderhenkveen@chello.nl for the questlist. There is are limited sports for this exposision FULL is FULL.

The cooperation with Henk Veen is the first of a row exposisions that the Rabobank Amsterdam the common time facilitates. A couple of artpainters will get the opertunity to presentate themselves for the exposision of visual arts, Photography, Videoart or fashion.

Adress: Rabobank Amsterdam- Dam 16 - 1012 NP Amsterdam


Winner bigpricequestion gets painting Henk Veen Ajax-side.nl Lucky Ajax

Next Saturday 3 September distribution painting bigpricequestion on AjaxF-side.nl together with Henk Veen at the duel DRC – Lucky Ajax. Next Saturday it’s finally so far ; than will the winner Tom van der Kroeft from Heerhugowaard finally get he’s price as winner of our bigpricoquestion 2010-2011 receive he’s price. The price is again a great painting from the masterpainter Henk Veen. Location of the distribution : The game of Lucky Ajax against the Durgerdamse DRC.

Henk Veen himself will, together with a player of Lucky Ajax, the distribution of the lovely Ajax-Painting, right before the arival of the game on the field accomplish.
The game between a supergroup of the Durgerdamse Footballclub DRC and Lucky Ajax start at 14:00. The Programme already start at 13:00. With those by Amstel sponsored game takes DRC he’s new canteen festive in use. The old canteen – known of the televisonserie All Stars – burned begin 2008 down compleetly. Actors from the serie worked together on a big benefit action. With the game against Lucky Ajax and the party will DRC thank all people for the past 3 years who helped with the rebuilding of the burned down canteen.

After the game the is a chance for the players and spectators get busy with among other things like a climbing wall and a bungee – trampoline. Local entrepreneurs will take care of the special snacks and drinks. Untill 22:30 o’clock everyone is able to enjoy more of the swinging band Harvey & Friends and diffrent dj’s. Both the game and also the attractions are Saturday 3 September FREE ACCES FOR EVEYONE!

Henk Veen exhibits in Grand Cafe Amstelhoeck

Ever since 14 juli 2011, the paintings of Henk Veen can be found in Grand Cafe de Amstelhoeck in Amsterdam.

The exhibit will be more extensive to a lovely integral. Soon shall the exhibit will be opened festive and ofcourse shall the Artpainter paint live.

Later more about this.

Adres: Grand Café Amstelhoeck
Amstel 1
1011 PN Amsterdam

Henk Veen Rembrandt Kunstplein 2011 Sun-drenched succes

Last Sunday 3 juli 2011 started the competition between the artpainters at 12:00 hour.

Fifty artpainters ventured themselves in a sun-drenched day to about a sportive and artistic way to compeet for the first place at the feet of the masterpainter Rembrandt at the Rembrandtsplein in Amsterdam.

These day got the known artpainer Henk Veen together with the entrepreneurs of the Rembrandtsplein the second edition of the Rembrandt – Henk Veen Rembrandt Kunstplein

2011 – organised. After earlier succesfull editions organised by Henk Veen at the Rembrandtplein and Keukenhof ( 5days event ), got the unique paintingevents for the second time taken place at the place were it really suppose to be, on the feet of bigmaster Rembrandt himself. Fifty artpainters had there place looked out on the plaza to show there talents to the audiance fullstreamed plaza.

All 50 Artpainters with diffrent disciplines painting there theme of this year ‘’ HOPE ‘’.

The theme of this year is chosen because of the cooperation with the charity Stichting Semmy. Artpainter Henk Veen got together with de brothers Ernst Löw ( singer, actor, writer, poet, known of Zoop, Thuis, Wildschut & de vries, Westenwind, Baantjer, Flikken, Kees & Co etc. ) and Victor Löw ( actor known from Floris, Costa, Abeltje, de Flat, Noorderlingen, Flikken Maastricht, Voetbalvrouwen, Spangen, Flodder, Kees & Co etc.)

A big painting of 100 x 120 cm painted, wich later be sold for the charity of this year.

On the Site of Sticking Semmy there is a possability for people to bid on the unique painting and other paintings from the other artpainters.
At 18:00 all the paintings had to be delivered, after a expert jury had to make a dessision wich paintings won the prizes. During the consideration of the jury Dave Dekker entertained the crowed with he’s songs.Also 'D Tunis van rapband THC rapped some numbers.

The jury Henk Veen ( artpainter ), Jan Kruiter ( director Jantjes Verjaardag), the brother Victor Löw and Ernst Löw, Maarten Jansen( director st James Gate ), John Emmerik( Stichting Semmy) came to the next conclusion and the winners are.

1 st price Piet van Gerwe (Diner 2 pers @ De Kroon + Night stay 2 pers @ NH-Shiller).
2th price Lucas Adeby ( Diner 2 pers @ ST James Gate + free enterace Jantjes Verjaardag 2 pers + free botlle service of € 120).
3th price Cees van Apeldoorn ( lunch 2 pers @ van Dobben + Diner 2 pers @ De Nachtwacht)

Under Loud Applause these lovely and special event was closed.

Overdonderde prijswinnaars op Henk Veen Kunstplein Keukenhof 2011

Friday 6 May 2011 it was at 16:00 hour as far that the pricewinners were made known. Overwhelmed and happy supprised was the pricwinner, when these was were made known. ‘’ I thought, if i win, than it will be the flower bulbs, but i would never have expected the first price’’. So Tanja Koelemij, that got the price from drs. Walter Jansen, moderator of the board of directors Keukenhof. Fellow jury member of these artcompetition sayed that he was with the other jury members Nicky Markslag, arrangeur Keukenhof, wich also organises the flower parade, Nancy adama of foundation AAAmsterdam ( costume designer in the fashion and musik industrie by o.a. Chanel, Dior, Lady Gage, Rihanna, Rolling stones etc ) and the famous artpainter and organisator of the artevent Henk Veen Kunstplein, anonamous agreed about the painting with the theme ‘’ Germany, the country of poets and thinkers, the titel of the first place deserved. By unkown high quality of all 50 artpainters had the jury the hard desision to select a price winner. With good words of drs. Walter Jansen he lets the audiance know that the Kunstplein the start is of a tradition, wich he love to see come back every year at the Keukenhof.

The jury came to the next winners:
1th price: Tanja Koelemij ( hotelnightstay for 2pers )
2th price: Martin Scherpen ( springpass season 2012 for 2pers )
3th price: Jan van Well ( royal talens big cobra set t.w.v. ca. 80,- )
4 th price: Kees Pe ( zomerbollen pakket )
5 th price: John Wassenaar ( royal talens bulky Cobra set )
6 th price: Wim Tielemans ( royal talens Startset Cobra )  

After the award ceremony Henk Veen had another nice suprice. The artpainters had special for Keukenhof made a painting that had to be finished. For this he invited drs. Walter jansen to put the last things on to the artpainting.

‘’That’s harder than you think’’ so the moderator of board of directors Keukenhof, that were under escort with a stick dripping paint putting the last hand on the painting. Together they present a beautifull blue painting with colorfull tulpen and a great audiance.

Under loud applause and full enthousiasm was the price ceremony and recieved a beatifull fourdays competition and event ended.

Keukenhof is the most beautifull springpark in the world. Because of the milions of growing flowers in a great springsurrounding. But also because since de opening in 1949 alot of artpainters exposed there paintings there.Sometimes in temporarie shows but sometimes also permanent see for more information www.keukenhof.nl


Henk Veen's Art On Ice Rembrandtplein Winterland

Artist Henk Veen painted the artificial icetrack during the Winterland 2010, which was being held at Rembrandtplein in Amsterdam

Pending Wednesday 17 November 2010 from 14:00 the famous artist will reveal the icetrack on Winterland 2010 and start painting it with the event IDFA. Henk Veen, owner of the Henk Veen Gallery on Rembrandt, will paint the different horeca that is present on the square on a canvas with the size of 54 x 1,5. Which in turn will be covered by a layer of ice worth 162.000 Euro’s. The priciest ‘’art’’ track in the world.

Friday 19 November 2010 at 19:00 the unique icetrack ‘’ Art on Ice ‘’ will be opened officially for the public by artist Henk Veen featuring special guests and famous dutch celeb ( the new Ciske de Rat ) Dave Dekker, which will guide the opening musically. From the time that the track is opened, it is accesible for the public to skate on for all who wants to paint over authentic art, made by the artist of the square. The icetrack will be open till 2 January 2011.

The artist is busy with preperations for days in his own Henk Veen Gallery at Rembrandtplein 17, above Café de Kroon. Have a look at this enormous project and see how henk expresses the square in canvas.

Sponsors: Hotel Schiller, Brasserie Schiller, Piercings Works, Bruin café 't Centrum, Coco's Outback, Jantjes Verjaardag, Café Nasty, Club Prime, Escape, Café de Kroon, Café de Nachtwacht, Duursma Groep, Winterland, Rembrandtplein.

There are a few spots left available for the icetrack. Send and email to kunstenaarhenkveen@chello.nl to sponsor a canvas of 3 x 1,5 and be the owner of the art piece after 2 January 2011. Be quick!

Interview: NOS Radio 1, programma: Nu al wakker Nederland, presentator Robbert Smit, datum: 17 november 2010, tijd: tussen 04.00 - 06.00 uur. Klik voor interview Radio 1 hier.
Interview: RTVNH datum: 17 november 2010, tijd: 17.00 uur. Klik voor interview RTVNH hier.
Optreden opening: Henk Veen en Dave Dekker tijdens opening filmpje Freeda.
Optreden opening: Henk Veen en Dave Dekker tijdens opening filmpje Roswitha Webmaster DaveDekker.eu

Comments - Foto's From Freeda and Jos van Zetten Newsphoto! and Roswitha Webmaster DaveDekker.eu

Interview AT5 Neighborhood project SMS Alert Henk Veen

AT5 started a new program named ‘’ BUURT ! ‘’, which will reveal what is going on in the districts and neighborhoods in the Amsterdam. Also will there be given credits for residents who step up to improve their neighborhoods. The staff exists of seven final year exam-students from the education ‘’ Media and Informationmanagement of the highschool of Amsterdam. BUURT! Is a project of AT5 and the goverment of Amsterdam

BUUR T has made recordings last Monday for the special project ‘’ SMS ALERT Onze Molenwijk ‘’. For this there were interviews with several Molenwijk residents including the local police officer Gerard Zwarts, our neighbordhood concierge Herman Oostwal and artist Henk Veen. ( who created the artistic road signs for the project. ) The broadcast will be on next Friday at 18:45, 21:00, 23:05 and 24:00. The program is also viewable at www.at5.nl/tv/buurt


Spectacular winners at Henk Veen Kunstplein at the event The Taste of Holland in Keukenhof 2010

Last Sunday, August 29, 2010 at 16:00 the winners of the four day long art contest were revealed on the Henk Veen Kunstplein in the Keukenhof.

During the event of De Smaak van Holland, which was organised by Aris Spada, the director of Maestro Events, known for De Smaak van Italië ( The Taste of Italy ), was a big exhibition of 55 profesional artists showcasing their art but also exhibited their skills live during the event. Overseen by Piet de Vries, who clearly enjoyed himself, the audience could see the artists in action, taste the atmosphere and talk to the artists about their art. The contact with the artist makes the Henk Veen Kunstplein a unique concept and it drags the audience in their world.

Last Sunday, August 29, 2010 at 16:00 it was time to announce the prize winners. Totally overwhelmed the first prize winner was revealed. '' I would have never expected this, because the paintings that were created during the past days are all great! '' said the winner Jacqueline Klein Breteler, who received her prize from chairman of Board of Directors Walter W.H. Jansen.

Walter, fellow jurymember of this contest, said that he with the other jurymembers Aris Spada and the famous artist/organizer of the event Henk Veen were unanimous which painting with the theme Bollenstreek Zuid-Holland would get the prize. By never seen before high class paintings the jury were in a pickle because they had alot of trouble choosing a suitable second and third place.

The jury came to the following conclusion:
1st prize : Jacqueline Klein Breteler ( Traveler's check of Fletcher Group worth € 500,- )
2nd prize : Sjanie Bon ( Espresson machine from Illy '' X1 " from Luca Trazzi worth € 255,- )
3rd prize prize : John Wassenaar ( Winebox worth € 100 ,- )

The winners received among the prizes also a loud applause and with alot of enthusiasm the event was closed.

- reacties - papers

Henk Veen Rembrandt Artsquare 2010 big success

Last Sunday, July 4, 2010 the race among the artists started at 13.00. About 100 artists ventured into the sunny day to compete on a sportive and artistic way for the first place at the foot the master painter Rembrandt on the Rembrandtplein in Amsterdam.

This day is organized by the entrepreneurs of the Rembrandtplein in cooperation with the Henk Veen Gallery established at the Rembrandtplein. The first edition of the Rembrandt - Henk Veen - Artsquare was organized after five successfull editions on the Max Euweplein. About 100 artists with different disciplines painted this years theme '' The Rembrandtplein ''. Every artist picked a spot on the square to showcase their talents to the public.

During the event the famous Amsterdam artist Henk Veen and Ton Poppes ( owner of Escape and café de Kroon, also director of horeca Nederland) pimped the car with a unique style which was exhibited at the square. It is still possible to bid on the car, of which the upcome will be send to dance4life.

On 18:00 all artworks had to be done and turned in, so the expert jury could decide which paintings would get prizes. During the deliberation of the jury, rapper Rocks from the famous rapformation THC, did his rapsongs. The jury Henk Veen ( artist ), Iwan van de Boog, Rob Bolland ( international artist, songwriter, producer, etc.), Don Nederhand ( visual artist and technichal advisor at Koninklijke Talens), Ruud ( visual artist) and Yvonne Hallema ( Galleryowner) came to the following conclusion of winners:

1st Prize: Jan Selen and Christa Logman ( Shared price of both 250 euro's.)
2nd Prize : Rob de Wilde ( free evening at an hotel, diner, and dancing)
3nd Prize : Shaun Herron ( Saturdayevening pass for three )

With laud applause this special event was closed.
More photos here! - reacties

Henk Veen presents: Rembrandt Henk Veen Kunstplein 2010

Following the five successful years of Holland Casino Kunstplein, Henk Veen and association Rembrandt, will organize the first edition of Rembrandt – Henk Veen – Kunstplein on the fourth of July. After the success of past years the associations and colleague Henk Veen went into consult and decided to to make this an even more enjoyable and of higher quality event. Which will be on the spot which an event like this deserves, at the feet of Rembrandt himself. Ofcourse we can’t do this alone, so we invite you to participate in the biggest – en plein air- artfestivity of The Netherlands. Also the Guinness Book of Records is involved in the event. Henk Veen will paint a car which will be auctioned by auction house Christies, the gainings will be donated to charity. The car is sponsered by Falco Autobedrijven. The paintings and the paintsets will be sponsered by Royal Talens.

On Sunday 4th of July 2010 the Rembrandtplein will be transformed in the Rembrandt – Henk Veen – Kunstplein for a day. The festivity starts at 13:00 , all participants will receive a artpainting (60 x 80 cm) which is stamped by the organisation at the table of organisation in the middle of Rembrandtplein. The artists can then look for a spot where they can display their talents to the present audience.

Theme of this year obviously enough is : the Rembrandtplein

Food and drinks
During the event the entrepreneurs of the Rembrandtplein will make sure everyone will receive some food and drinks. The day will be ended in tradition with a drink.

Important to know
Because of logistical reasons the use of oilpaint is not permitted! You have till exactly 18:00 the time to turn in your painting, airbrush of drawing at the table of organisation.

There will be many fun prizes made available of the entrepreneurs of Rembrandtplein, which also include money, but also prizes in kind. The used paintings and paintingsets will be made available by RoyalTalens.

A expert jury which will exist out of artists and curators of museums, will decide what prizes go to which paintings. The winners will be made public on 11 th of July and all turned in works will be, with name publicity, exhibited in the Henk Veen gallery on Rembrandtplein and in diverse catering occasions on and around the square.

Incase you want to participate you can e-mail with enclosed form filled entirely a.s.a.p to rembrandtpleinkunstplein@gmail.com, or through mail to Rembrandt - Henk Veen - Kunstplein, t.a.v. Iwan van den Boog, Gerard Terborgstraat 40 hs, 1071 TP Amsterdam. After receiving your registration you will receive a confirmation about your participation.

For more information you could contact Iwam van den Boog during office hours, phone number : 06 26126448

Hope to see you on 4 th of July!

More info press here!CommentsPress for former editions of kunstplein here!

Interview Ajax TV - Eredivisie Live: Henk creates painting for Ajax player Pantelic

Henk Veen created a painting especially for Ajax player Marko Pantelic on request of Ajax TV. Henk is also a great fan of the player, this is because Pantelic is a great teamplayer, and scores on a regular basis. Many fans including Henk Veen hopes that the player will stay with Ajax for a while still.

Ajax TV has made a documentary about the remake and the handover of the painting to Pantelic, this was created from the Henk Veen gallery and was also shot at the training of Ajax De Toekomst. You can view this special documentary on Thursday 6th of May 2010 at Eredivisie Live at 19:00pm and Friday 7th of May 2010 at 00:20am and 10:00am.

For more information about the paintings with sporting themes please mail kunstschilderhenkveen@chello.nl or call managemenet 06-28135247.

If you want to have a summary about the paintings see theme '' Sports '' here.
Movie AjaxTV or here on You Tube! - More pictures click here! - responses.

Henk Veen opens own gallery in Rembrandtplein - Amsterdam

Saturday 24th of April 2010 will the doors open to the Henk Veen Gallery on Rembrandtsplein from 19:00 pm.

The famous artist Henk veen has more then 230 paintings on exhibition in his own new gallery, which lies in the authentic hart of Amsterdam in the middel of the renowned Rembrandtsplein. ( Above café ' De Kroon ' ) with a surface of 450m2.

Zaterdag 24 april 2010 zullen de deuren van de Henk Veen Gallery op het Rembrandtplein in Amsterdam geopend worden vanaf 19.00 uur.

De bekende kunstschilder Henk Veen, heeft meer dan 230 schilderijen tentoongesteld in zijn nieuwe eigen gallery, gelegen in het authentieke hart van Amsterdam midden op het befaamde Rembrandtplein (boven café de Kroon), met een oppervlakte van 450m2.

Entrance is from 19:00 PM. The official opening will be around 20:00 on Saturday 24th of April 2010, and will be hosted by the famous dutch person, actrice, presenter and columnist Victoria Koblenko.

Special guests among others is the new Ciske the Rat, who will sing several songs and send many a man chills down their spine with his extraordinary voice.

Our other special guest is actor, musician, and writer. Ernst Löw. Löw will preform under guidance of his guitar and the singing out of his book. A moment where everyone will be able to recognize the life he has lived.

The artist Henk Veen has designed the cover for the book of Löw, '' En Wie Ben Jij, kroniek van een Rock & Roll Money ''

Afterwards people can get the book signed. Appie Alberts, singer of AA & the Docters, will be playing the stars with his saxophone.

As a cherry on top will the rappers Rocks, 'DTuniz, Ace, from rapformation THC, rapformation RTS, rock the building, and the teaser of the unique movie '' Hangen of Leven '' will be watched, where these rappers are the main characters.

Peter Faber is the creative director, programmer, and motivator of the movie, while his son Jesse Faber took the directing for his part. An amazing movie, which is the result of an intense coöperation between Peter Faber and a group of boys from the streets of Amsterdam North. The movie will be going into première on the 17th of May. You will get a taste of this in the gallery.

For the special occasion the first fifty guests will receive a unique artprint, which will be signed by the artist himself.

Also will people receive a 10% discount on a purchase of a painting on this special opening day.

We invite you for this festival opening of the Henk Veen Gallery.

Henk Veen Gallery ( on top of café De Kroon, third floor)
Rembrandtsplein 17
1017 CT Amsterdam.

Movie You Tube Henk Veen Gallery in a nutshell.
Victoria Koblenko Opens 1
Victoria Koblenko Opens 2
Victoria Koblenko Opens 3
RTS and D'Tuniz THC with Appie Alberts
Rocks THC with Appie Alberts
Lamyn RTS Raps with Appie Alberts
Henk Veen raps with Appie Alberts
Ernst Lòw sings, plays and reads
D´Tuniz THC with Appie Alberts
Henk Veen and Mark Van Beem with Appie Alberts
Jorgen with APpie Alberts
Salto 1 Culttv opening preformance Rocks THC
Salto 1 Culttv opening preformance Dave Dekker
Salto 1 Culttv opening preformance Ernst Low

Also read the artikel on Bronmagazine written by Manon Wagemans or HERE

reacties - foto's gallery and the opening

Henk Veen designs for the third time a membrence for Businesloop Dam to Dam 2010
Yet again is Henk Veen, one of the most famous Dutch painters nowadays and a fan of the Dam tot Damloop and whom also greatly commits to the community, asked to create the remembrence for the Businessloop Dam tot Dam 2010 for the third consecutive year. With the versions of 2008 and 2009, will the 2010 version be a great addition to the two which people can collect. Giclées of the painting will be made for the businessloop. The ' Dam tot Dam ' is on 19th of September 2010.

All participating companies to the Dam tot Dam Maandag® Businessloop learned who Henk was in the recent years. As a corporate memory to the event the companies received in 2008 and 2009 a giclée (luxe art print), which Henk personally signed at the awards. The enthousiasm in which the companies accepted this gift invited Henk to create a unique painting for the 24th, 25th and 26th Dam tot Damloop. In his characteristic style he created the painting ' Running dam tot dam Finish '' for 2010. All of the participating companies will receive a giclée of this wonderful painting. Like every year the artist will be signing these, at the sports hall De Vang, where the Business runners will receive their remembrence in a specially furnished place.

For more information about the Dam to Dam loop check www.damloop.nl & Le Champion - reacties

Henk Veen designs remembrence 28th Wielertour Luik-Bastenaken-Luik 2010

Luik-Bastenaken-Luik traditionally forms a apotheosis for the classical spring seasons with the pros. For many cycling fans is this also the motive to accept the challange of the classic itself. On the tourversion of Le Champion the cyclers will drive on the hills like the Chambralles, Wanne, Stockeu and La Redoute. At the 28th edition of this classical tour will 3500 people attend this, who come from all regions to Luik.

Henk Veen is asked to create a unique painting for reproduction of artprints for this tour, which will all 3500 participants receive at the end. The tour will take place on 14th of August 2010.

For more information about the cyclingtour Luik-Bastenaken-Luik check www.lbl-lechampion.nl & Le Champion - reacties

Henk Veen illustrator book Ernst Low

Henk Veen is asked to create the cover of the first book of actor, writer, musician and singer Ernst Low. The title of the book is '' En wie Ben Jij?'' subtitle : Kroniek van een Rock & Roll Monkey. There will also be a few drawings of Henk Veen to be seen in the book. Henk Veen captured the mindset and adventures which Ernst Low has written in his book.  

How do you come through the day if you want to be someone else all your life long, and you don't have your own identity? You hardly will.

Will life be easier if the person who you want to be is Herman Brood? It certainly will not. Junior is this man. He goes from club to club, argues truths and tries to get a rock-'n-roll
and started. By a remarkable coincidence it happens too. The band even has success, because there are ten shows to be planned.

This Rock-'n-roll roman is the writers debut of singer/actor Ernst Low. In the roman Low describes the life of Junior, who wants to be Herman Brood no matter what and starts his own band.

An equally hilarious and sobering and surprising perspective on the Belgian music scene in the early nineties. Low wants to show his debut everywhere possible, theaters, cafe's, churches, police stations, schools, libraries and brothels. Wherever he can, he wants to present it.

The first happening will be on the 25th of February.

Together with actrice Jessa Wildermeerch will Ernst Low introduce his book, speak about his debut, read several chapters, sing a few songs that are in the book and will sign autographs or his books. This will all happen from 20:00pm in the FelixPakhuis - Godefriduskaai 30 in Anwerpen - Belgium. In this way we wan to invite you to come and have a look.

You can order the book at Bruna filialen and costs 16,90 Euro. Illustrator : kunstschilder Henk Veen, Editor : Toni Mulder. Publisher : Linkeroever Uitgevers. ISBN-nr: 9789057203480. 192 pages. Paperback.

You Tube film 1 - film 2 - film 3 - film 4 - Interview Rode Loper VRT 1 Belgie

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Exhibition Henk Veen at Hotel The Grand

From 8 February 2010 till yet to be determined time, Henk Veen exhibits in the very luxurious and high quality hotel The Grand in Amsterdam. (Former City Hall of Amsterdam). Henk's exhibition titled "Amsterdam", started in a smaller space around the elevator, which is newly renovated. Here hung the paintings of Henk Veen but also the famous duo-paintings which are well-known paintings by Henk duo with Rob Opentij (oil) and Leopold (airbrush).

In April 2010, the major exhibition will be held in the long corridor which connects the two buildings of The Grand Hotel and the old Kleinkunstacademie together. These are still under construction. Also paintings will be hung in the old Kleinkunstacademie building, which are still fully under renovation. In April, this is all done and these sections opens with a grand feast. Then the official opening of the exhibition of the artist will be official.. Soon more information.

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Henk Veen exhibits in in Hotel Arena

From the first of February till the first of March 2010 will the artist Henk veen exhibit in the Hotel Arena Amsterdam.

The official opening will be on the fifth of February 2010, you can enter from 18:00. The official part will start at 19:00 and will be opened by our special guest, actor and optimist at heart Peter Faber. The musical part will be taken care of by the rappers D'Tuniz and Ace from rapformation THC. Henk Veen will paint live during the opening. This exhibits theme is '' You're always my Valentine''. The exhibit will take place in the second hall around the beautifull authentic Art Deco stairs.

Hotel Arena
's Gravenzandestraat 51
1092 AA Amsterdam

Entrance and arrivaldrink is free. Everyone is welcome!

roadcast on Amsterdam A1, program CultTV next friday 12th of February between 19-20pm and saturday 13th of February between 20-21pm. The following week the broadcast will be repeated several times a day. Filmed by Evert Jan Vonk.

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Start project and SMS-Alert our Molenwijk and attending the revelation Henk Veen

The project our (Molen)wijk started in  on Saturday 16th of January 2010 in Amsterdam.  Also were the artistic traffic plates revealed by district chairman Rob Post and alderman Chris de Wild-Propitius from Stadsdeel Amsterdam Noord, which were created by the famous artist Henk Veen. Attending the revelation was a special guest, chief Bernard Welten, which was very excited about the project where the residents have their own SMS-Alert. With a loud applause this special project was entirely embraced with enthousiasm. This project started in April 2009 by a group residents, which booked several succeses in the following months on crime. We’ve had alot of residents signing up for the SMS-Alert. 

Concreet initiatives like a local sms-alert for identifying and reporting nuisances like wreckage and inappropriate behavior, making new districtrules, stimulating residents to tell others to account for their inappropriate behavior, and going on campaign aimed at standard values. Simply said the goal is avoid poverty in the district, having the guts to talk to the younger people, showing respect to eachother in the street and keeping the district nice and clean. Also to collect data for further research.


The moment there’s an incident in the district, the SMS-Alert will immediately be put to use, where there will be a despatch at all the members of the SMS-Alert. It will alos be sent the police, among others, which will collect information to do a faster investigation in robbery, burglary and wreckage for example. When the SMS-Alert has been sent out, the members will make sure to look around on the street or out of their windows for suspicious activities that have something to do with the incident.

Mostly there is something suspicious going on at the spot which you neglect at that very moment that could have something to do with what happens later, this information also is very important. Keep in mind, this is no civil watch.The residents are the eyes and the ears of the districts aiming to make the district safer. With great succes!


Henk Veen & the project Onze (Molen) wijk in the Molenwijk Amsterdam Nordsite

Police department Klimopweg, Amsterdam, asked the artist Henk Veen to work along with various residents and agencies on the project Onze (Molen)wijk ( Samen Staan We Sterk).
Following several incidents and the worsening of the image of the residential living enviorment in the Molenwijk, a large group of residents of the Molenwijk and agencies united in one group ‘Onze (Molen)wijk’.  This group wants to join forces to improve the residential living enviorment. Goals are to stop rude behavior, reducing the nuisance of the youth, and encourage residents to take back up common values.
Concreet initiatives like a local sms-alert for identifying and reporting nuisances like wreckage and inappropriate behavior, making new districtrules, stimulating residents to tell others to account for their inappropriate behavior, and going on campaign aimed at standard values. Simply said the goal is avoid poverty in the district, having the guts to talk to the younger people, showing respect to eachother in the street and keeping the district nice and clean.
The project SMS-Alert has been setup by several people who took initiative in our district. Press here for protocol / Users manual for the SMS-Alert.
Making this project possible are many residents and agencies offering their support like Politie Klimopweg, Stadsdeel Amsterda Noord, Molenmeester Herman Oostwal, Woningcorporatie Alliantie en Eigen Haard, Isa Beveiliging, Straatcoaches, Stichting Dock, Stadsdeelwerken, Streetcoernerwork, and Stichting Welsaen. A big number of agencies, who want to keep the district a nice place to live, are joining forces with each their own function. Aiming to give a positive contribution to the district. A beautiful ideal where Henk Veen wants to contribute in his own way.
After some brainstorming, he came up with the idea to bring back old traffic signs back to life and tries to capture his thoughts about this in a form of art with paint. The project is still in an early stadium, but will be given a direction very soon. Posters and flyers will be made for the project to bring the residents and the youth to the attention that with a positive angle, happy, artistic way it is possible to go along great with eachother. Henk launched the collection “ Straatrat “ for this and it got received with great enthousiasm. Recently Henk created 15 traffic signs with different messages. There will be a reproduction of sixty pieces in total, these will be put hanging in the district on traffic poles, walls, playcourts. See the result of this unique collection here.
The kickoff of the artistic traffic signs route is on 16th of January 2010 in the Molenwijk in Amsterdam Noord.

Program Saturday 16th Januray 2010:
15:00 till 16:30: Youthprogram in ‘ het Molenhuis’
16:00 till 17:15: Official kickoff project “ Onze (Molen)wijk” in the gym of the public school “ De krijtmolen”. Revealing by Henk Veen, district chairman Rob Post and alderman Chris de Wild-Propitius. Following a tour through the district viewing the artistic traffic signs and a meeting for all residents of the Molenwijk in “het Molenhuis”.
17:30 till 20:00: Bar opens in “ het Molenhuis”.
17:15 till 22:00: Music festivity in the gym of the public school “ De Krijtmolen” opened with a special guest.
For the music spectacle Hood Love – Samen Staan We Sterk, the following artists are planned in : Host UZI

  • Special guest

  • Rocks THC

  • 'D Tuniz & Ace THC

  • Mitta & Spanker

  • Boss

  • Energic

  • Windkracht 13

  • RTS

  • Uzi

  • Yung C

Everyone is welcome to enjoy the festivities.

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